Helpful Documents

Below is a sampling of the type of documents that OMSA collects or produces for the assistance of our members.  The full document collection may be viewed after logging into the OMSA website and clicking on the "members only area" tab.


OMSA Documents

OMSA Analysis of Vessel Availability and Impacts of Recent CBP Notice
OMSA Letter to USCG on Hurricane Response Capabilities
OMSA 2017 TRIR Data Reporting Form                                         OMSA 2017 TRIR Data Request Memo
OMSA Membership Application                                                           USCG Regulation Review Comments
STCW Codes Translation Table                                                           OMSA Economic Study 2010 
OMSA Teamwork Approval                                                                     OMSA-CG Partnership
OMSA Hurricane Waiver Request                                                       USCG Hurricane Waiver Denial
OMSA OIRA regulatory review  input                                               OMSA GNOBFA Amicus Brief on The Dutra Group v Batterton
NOSAC Disaster Response Vessel Interim Report 03202019


OMSA Jones Act Documents

Senator Cassidy Letter to President Trump on Jones Act 092817

Subsea to Sealift

State Academy Comments to CBP

Richmond letter to CBP

Louisiana House of Representatives letter to CBP

Kennedy Coalition Letter to DHS Sec Kelly on CBP Revocation

Level Playing Field Economic Analysis

Analysis of Vessel Availability and Impacts of Recent CBP Notice

Hunter Garamendi Letter in Support of CBP Action

Claim and Response: CBP Defending the American Mariner

Eight Years is Enough

OMSA Press Release: Mariners and Shipbuilders Call on President Trump to Put American National and Economic Security First

Platts article:  Trump Administration Moving Ahead with Ending Jones Act Exemptions

Tradewinds: Pipelay Vessel's Not Affected by Jones Act Rule Changes

American vessels wait for work and resolution of conflicts in the Gulf

Trump faces dilemma as maritime fleets face off in Gulf

Hunter: Protecting Southern Border Requires U.S. Mariners

American Energy Independence Should Not Depend on a Foreign Fleet

Time to Scrap the Jones Act, or to Enforce It?

LA State Representatives support Jones Act

CBP Revocation Supports American Mariner

Maritime and Shipbuilding Industries Call on Congress to  Put American National and Economic Security First

OMSA Stands With CBP in Defending American Mariners

Jones Act owners make the case for change

OMSA: Don't cede U.S. maritime jobs to foreign interests

Leaders in Government and Maritime Applaud the U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) on Revocation Notice, Creating Over 3,200 American Jobs.

Representative Bradley Byrne (R-AL) issued this statement in support of the revocation.

Representative Clay Higgins (R-LA) posted this statement to his Facebook page.

Representative Mike Johnson (R-LA) released this statement.

Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) released this statement.

Jones Act advocates praise Customs proposal to close 'loopholes', Professional Mariner, February 1.

AMP, US politicians applaud Jones Act move, OSJ Online, February 2.

More Feedback Sought On Jones Act Revisions That include Offshore Vessels, Splash 24/7, February 13.

In the oil patch, battle over Jones Act heats up, WorkBoat, February 14.

Public Comment Period Extended For Jones Act Proposed Revocations and Modifications, gCaptain, February 14.

ILO MLC06 Documents

MLC NVIC 02-13                                                                                            USCG FAQs (2015 ed)
MLC PSC Guide                                                                                             MLC Flag Guide

IMO Documents

IMO-SEEMP Guidelines (2012 ed. superseded)                          IMO-SEEMP Guidelines (2016 ed.)
IMO-Res1047(27) SMD                                                                             IMO-Required Documents
IMO-Anti-Fouling Systems Convention                                            IMO-AFS flyer
IMO - Polar Code                                                                                            MSC.1/Circ.1318
IMO 2018 OSV Chemical Code                                                             BWM.2 Circ.44 Options for ballast water management for OSVs
IMO-Guide for Development of a SEEMP data collection

Other Documents

USCG - BWM Tips (March 2017 rev)                                                    USCG - STCW OSV NVIC 01-17 (Mate)
USCG - D8 Cyber Security Guidance                                                    USCG - STCW OSV NVIC 02-17 (Ch Engineer)
USCG - CG-5P pol ltr 08-16 (Security Reporting)                         USCG - STCW OSV NVIC 03-17 (Master/Ch Mate)
USCG - MSU Morgan City Lay up Policy Ver A                                USCG - STCW OSV NVIC 04-17 (Asst Engineer)
USCG-STCW Rest Regulation                                                                    USCG - MSIB 05-17 SSCC or SSC Exemption Cert
USCG-STCW Rest CVC pol 12-05                                                          USCG - Towing Vessel SMS Policy 17-02
USCG-STCW endorsements CVC pol 12-07                                    USCG -  2017 AMSC Cyber Exercise
USCG-STCW security endorsements CVC pol 12-06                 USCG - OMSA OSV Course Extension
USCG-Ballast Water Rule                                                                            USCG - CVC pol 12-08 (AFS Convention)
USCG-NMC 3rd Party Authorization                                                   USCG - CVC pol 12-04 ECA Compliance
USCG-Marine Inspection Notice 03-12(logbook)                         USCG - Safety Alert 08-13(Conf Space)
USCG-Marine Inspection Notice 04-12(logbook)                         USCG - New Orleans Hurricane RNA MSIB
USCG - NMC  Postdating mariner credentials                                USCG - Ballast Water PL 17-05 w Encl 1, 3-6
USCG - Large OSV Presentation                                                              USCG - Ballast Water PL 17-05 Encl 2
USCG - TSMS vs CG Inspection Chart                                                  USCG - STCW Polar Waters Training PL 01-16
USCG - D8 Temp Emergency Berthing PL 01-2017                     USCG - Hurricane Relief Vessel Guidance PL 17-06
USCG - Hurricane Response Mariners PL 02-17                           USCG - Hurricane Relief Vessel Guidance PL 17-06 Ch-1
USCG - NVIC 01-18  BWM in US Waters
                                           USCG  - CG-ENG Pol Ltr 03-12 Application of IMO A.673 
USCG - 2018 MSU Houma Hurricane MSIB                                     USCG - NPREP 2018 update                                                                                                                          

USCG Marine Safety Manuals:

Vol 1  Administration  2004 ed                                                                   Vol 2  Materiel Inspection 2016 ed
Vol 3  Marine Personnel  2017 ed                                                             Vol 4  Technical 2004 ed
Vol 5  Investigations   2008 ed                                                                     Vol 6 Ports & Waterways 1996 ed


LABI-LCTCS Maritime Workforce Study                                             SOCP BPG Assault and Harassment EPA-ECA Guidance                                      BIMCO Ship Cyber Security Guide 2018                                            US-CERT - Cyber Attacks on Energy Sector
EPA-Guide for non-compliant ECA fuel                                                NOAA - Right Whale Rules

LA - Terrebonne Parish Letter to Governor on Oil Lawsuits